Monday, July 27, 2009

I played hooky today!

I guess I should feel guilty because I just worked a week since being on vacation, but I took a day off today and feel pretty good! I actually did some sewing! Whooppee! But I made mistakes... Not too worried about it, though. I had purchased those flat sheets to make waterbed sheets and I measured wrong. They were too short when I put them on the bed! Oh well, they weren't expensive and I'll just try again. And the sheet material won't go to waste. I'll take the ends apart and use them on one of the other beds.

Darling hubby is working 12 hours today. He had to go in at 11 a.m., four hours earlier than usual. I sent him on his way with leftover stuffed peppers for his dinner break. Tonight we are having cabbage rolls for dinner. I have them baking in the oven right now. Usually put them in the crock pot, but changed it up a bit tonight. Think I'll make some fried zuchini patties for supper too.

I'm tossing around the idea of getting a group of friends together for a crafts and sewing day sometime. Since I don't know many who quilt, I thought it would be nice to include those who do other things, such as scrapbooking and other sewing. Not sure about the details yet, the idea is in infancy. It might be more of a cold weather idea.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lazy days of Summer

Just a lazy summer day...that's when I took this picture of my darling husband. It was the last day of vacation and we were sitting on the front porch not really doing anything. We might have been waiting for the mailman. I was on the steps and he jumped up on the pillar like he was a little kid! Usually have chairs on the porch to sit on, but darling son had taken them camping.

I haven't been doing any sewing since coming back from camping. I do have some material that I need to cut and sew into bags for an outdoor game for my friend. Just have to motivate to do it now!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week after vacation

I haven't been blogging for a little while. We were on vacation last week. It was a much needed vacation. Mostly it was darling hubby and I doing things. Darling daughter stayed home and darling son was off doing his thing. Guess it's not cool to hang with mom and dad. We went to our family campground again.

I took my sewing machine camping with me. I set it up on the deck outside our trailer on a card table and just sewed away! Loved every minute of it! I started a pink and white log cabin quilt. Don't have a lot done on it, but really enjoyed working on it. Here's a picture of my set up while camping.

Last night I took Wrigley out to the old lake just outside of town to let her run a bit. Here she is sitting for a minute. I think she wore herself out because as soon as we got home she went straight to my bed and went to sleep!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally sewing again

Finally broke out of my slump! Last week when I was in the thrift store, I came across about 4 yards of green and white checked material. The checks were about an inch in size and I thought it would look really nice as kitchen napkins. So Thursday night after work I brought my serger down to the kitchen. I just didn't want to sit upstairs in the sewing room for some reason (maybe because it's a mess?). I set up the serger and just mindlessly serged edges onto squares of fabric. It ended up making 14 napkins. I'm real tickled about them because most of the time, we don't have paper towels or I can't find a dishtowel, so they will come in handy.

Friday we had a cookout. I went to St. Louis to pick up my grandma, then brought her back to my house. My mom came about 3:30 and darling hubby grilled some burgers. They were delicious! We had beans, chips, and corn on the cob to go with them. Darling son had to work, but he did get to visit with his grandma's before work. Darling daughter and her boyfriend were there for a while, long enough to eat, then they were out running again. We had a nice visit. Mom and Gram stayed until about 9:30, then Mom took Gram back to StL and stayed with her until Sunday morning.

Saturday I did some sewing. Then I did some ripping. Then I did some sewing. Then I did some ripping. And again. Three times I tried to free motion quilt on the baby quilt with dog bones on it. Three times I was dissatisfied with the way the stitching came out and ripped it. I think I'm going to trace out on wax paper what stippling would look like and pin the paper to the quilt and stitch on it.

We have our family vacation coming up next week. I'm so ready. I feel burned out at work. This happens every year before we go on vacation, so it's normal for me, I guess.

This picture is of an American Flag stuck in a hay bale in a field near our house. I thought it was neat.