Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dark Skies

Some dark clouds were moving in when I was getting in my car at Wal Mart.  I headed over there to pick a few things up on my lunch break.

I wonder if this is the same storm system that is expected to hit Cleveland?  Tonight's game time was changed from 7pm to 6pm to hopefully get the game in before bad weather hit.

Last night's game did not end the way I would have liked.  The Indian's beat the Cubs in the first game of the World Series.  Let's hope tonight's game has a different outcome!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cubs Are In The World Series

Can you believe those Cubbies!  I'm still in shock!  They need just four more wins and they will be World Champs.  Oh we are so hoping they make it.

Still crocheting dish cloths.  Here's the latest one.  It was in red, white, and blue yarn.

I met Marla in Fairview over the weekend and we did a little shopping and had lunch.  Had a real nice time.  I bought this yarn at Joann's while I was there.  The price on the cone of yarn was almost twice as much as my local Wal Mart wants for it, however they did have many more colors.  I guess they do that because they have those coupon sales all the time.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Got a wild hair that I wanted to cover a box in fabric using that mod podge stuff.  Here's my first attempt.  I don't think it turned out too bad!

I made it using one of the fabrics that is the same as one of my pair of night pants.  I think it would have been easier if I had a working hot glue gun.  Going to Joann's, so I might just look for one there.  It's the right size to keep my current crochet projects in.

Friday, October 21, 2016


My car's odometer turned over 200,000 miles yesterday!  I was on my way home from work on Old Route 66.  She's a good car and I think it was one of the best investments we ever made.  Still hoping to get a lot of use out of her yet.  We shall see!

In Reverse

And here it is in reversed colors!

Don't they just look cute together?

haha.  I have enough to make one more if I mix them up.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Better Night

The Cubs won last night, so it was a better night all around!  I have been crocheting the dish cloths while watching the ball games, so I'm getting a nice little collection of them accumulated.  Here's the one I did last night:

Think I will make one in reverse colors, green with orange trim, next!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dreary Day

Rainy and cool here today.  Part of my dreary mood is because the Cubs lost last night.  Sure hope they win tonight!

Made beef stroganoff in the crock pot last night.  It was good, but I like it made the traditional way better.

Bought another package of pecan sandie cookies to replace the ones Addy ate.  Going to hide these from her!  haha.

Picked up a couple skeins of cotton yarn at Wal Mart today.  I want to say they are Halloween colors.  What do you think?

I just might have to make a couple Halloween dish cloths!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Such A Fun Guy

Fun - guy, fungi, get it?  hahahaha.  This is growing on my Sweetgum tree in the front yard.  The fungi are growing on an area where a large branch was cut off a few years ago.

Hanna used to love sitting in the branches of that tree.  She would climb up there and read a book for hours.


Looking forward to watching the Cubs game tonight!  So excited to see them in the playoffs.  Hope they make it to the World Series!

Put the ingredients into the crock pot for beef stroganoff tonight.  Cut up cubes of beef, onions, fresh mushrooms, paprika, and beef broth are in the crock pot.  Will add sour cream when I get home and cook some noodles to go with it.

Last night was a bust.  First off, I was a little down about the car (not so much, because I know it was an accident, but I really do love my car so any bump or scrape is a bummer).  Then when I got home I spent time making cheeseburgers on the grill, only when it was time to eat, Ev swore the meat was bad!  So they went in the trash, along with the other half of the burger I had put in the freezer.  Who knows what that was all about.  I honestly could not taste or smell anything bad, but I took his word for it - when in doubt, I throw it out!

Without the burgers for dinner, I was scrambling to find something to make.  Asked Ev if he wanted sausage and eggs.  Response was less than enthusiastic.  Okay, what do you want?  He says how about grilled cheese?  Well, I used the last of the cheese on the burgers we just threw out, so that was not happening.  He suggested going out but I really did not feel like that at all.  At that point, I was kind of wallowing...  Then he says, how about pizza?  Okay, that I can handle.  Ordered a pizza and went to pick it up.

When we got back from picking up the pizza, we discovered that Addy helped herself to an almost full container of pecan sandie cookies!  Not only is that not good for her, but I was looking forward to a cookie with a cup of tea later, and, to tell you the truth, those cookies are not cheap!

So now yesterday is over and today is a new day...


See that spot of rust?  Well, it used to be nicely covered with paint until my future daughter in law side swiped my car over the weekend!  I'm not real upset or anything.  Accidents happen.  The door has a bit of a dent in it, too, but it works just fine.

I took the car over to the local body shop and asked about getting some bondo put over that area and paint.  Since the surface rust is all underneath the pain along that edge (which I was aware of), they said bondo really would only last less than a year and not be worth it.

So they sprayed a bit of rust inhibitting paint on it and we called it good.  Sigh.