Thursday, January 12, 2017

Doesn't this sound fun...not!

An ice storm warning has been issued for the region in effect from 3 p.m. Friday to 3 p.m. Central Standard Time Sunday.

The winter storm watch is no longer in effect and has been switched to an ice warning, the National Weather Service said Thursday afternoon.

The forecast is freezing rain will overspread the area Friday afternoon and evening, with significant ice accumulation is expected from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.

Accumulations predicted are one quarter to one half inch of ice.

Temperatures...upper 20s to lower 30s.

Winds...northeast 5 to 10 mph.

Impacts: The wintry precipitation will likely result in hazardous travel conditions...especially on bridges… overpasses...and untreated roads. parking lots and sidewalks will become slippery well. damage to trees and power lines is also possible.

The National Weather Service continued: An ice storm warning means that a severe and dangerous amount of ice accumulation is occurring or expected to accumulate… especially on untreated surfaces...such as sidewalks… driveways...roads... and parking lots. the heavy ice accumulations will make travel dangerous or impossible. if you must travel...exercise extreme caution...and begin your travel with a full tank of gas...and carry a winter storm kit which includes a and water…and blankets of extra warm clothing. ice accumulations and winds will likely lead to snapped power lines and falling tree branches that add to the danger.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dinner time

I did not feel like cooking last night.  Told Ev we should just order a pizza.  He agreed, so when I got home, I put on my comfy jammies and cuddled up in the recliner with the cat.  Then Ev says, let's go out!  So, I got dressed again and we went to Crossroads Diner.  Both got fried chicken dinners, which were absolutely excellent.  Went home and put my jammies back on and resumed cat cuddling.

Tonight I am going to try and make sausages and meatballs in the air fryer, then make sandwiches with grilled onions, peppers, spaghetti sauce and cheese.  Might even make a few fries in the air fryer to go with them.

Triangle this

Our block for the Paducah swap started out being a square in a square.  None of us has begun making the blocks (surprise...).  Today we changed it to a friendship star block.

Now, it is no secret that I am not a huge fan of triangles, but I am tolerating them more and more as I get older.  One way that I do them is to use paper templates such as these:

I am in no way taking credit for this idea, but would like to share it.  I drew out on graph paper 3-7/8th inch squares with a diagonal line and quarter inch dotted lines on either side.  You sew on the dotted line and cut on the solid lines.  Makes up some pretty nifty half square triangle blocks in a short amount of time.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Soup's on!

With the temperature being below freezing, it seemed like a good weekend to make vegetable beef soup!

Saturday I made a big pot of it.  The kitchen warmed up nicely and the whole house smelled good.

It's loaded

That's as far as I got on the last nursing home quilt this weekend.  It is loaded on Gemma and ready to be quilted.  Temp in basement was pretty cold, so I plan to work on it through the week after work.  It is supposed to warm up a bit over the next couple days.

I sewed a bit more on the New Year's Eve mystery quilt.  Pretty sure that one is going to be Johanna and Ben's wedding quilt.  And I think I will make one in different colors for Nick and Olivia's wedding.  It's a pretty pattern and works up fairly easily.

Nick and Olivia were over Saturday night for dinner.  We had tacos then played a game of Cranium.  Pretty fun!

Friday night we went out to eat with Johanna and Ben for her birthday celebration.  Just went to Tilley's but had a good time.

Friday, January 6, 2017

One Degree

One degree.  That's what my phone said the temp was this morning when I got out of bed.  BRRRRR!
I didn't want to get out of bed, because it was nice and warm under the covers, and especially since Addy was snuggled up against me.  But, alas, I have to go to work to make money to buy fabric.  haha.

Today is my darling daughter's birthday.  Going to see if she wants to go to lunch.

Last night I used the air fryer to make breaded chicken patties (frozen, precooked) with cheese on top of them and to warm up two twice baked potatoes.  We also had some brussel sprouts.  I think Ev is getting a little spoiled because I have been fixing him a plate lately!  It's easier to just take the food out of the air fryer and put it on plates, rather than dirty another dish to set it on the table.  Tonight I am giving the air fryer a rest and making tacos.

Ev is supposed to work tomorrow, so I plan to get that last nursing home quilt finished.  It is a straggler because the gal it is for is in a nursing home an hour away and no one was going to be visiting from our area until later this month.  I need to get it at least quilted this weekend because next weekend I will be going to Bloomington.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bread pudding from hoscah

Over the holidays I made a couple loaves of hoscah.  They looked great, but were a bit dry.  I had put raisins, dried apricots, and dried cherries in them.  I think the dried fruits pulled too much moisture out of the dough.  Next time I may rehydrate the fruits before adding them.  Here was the hoscah:

It did make pretty good toast.  I took a loaf to my great uncle, who appreciated it.

So after having it around for a few days, I decided it should be turned into bread pudding.  Last night, while Ev was at the doctor for his annual check up, I made a pan of bread pudding.

No, it isn't very pretty, but it was very tasty!  It is such a simple, homey dessert.

Better late than never

Yes, I know it is January and my tree is already down, but I wanted to get at least one picture of it all decorated up on the blog.  You can see the kids' bags all lined up in front.  I made all five out of the same material this year, just because it was easier.  There were no complaints, so either they didn't notice or didn't care.  Probably both.  Haha.

Woke up to snow this morning.  Sure made everything look pretty.

Right now the temperature is 13 deg. F.  brrrrr!  Oh, and the high is supposed to get to 15.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tree is Down

Ev and I took the Christmas Tree down last night.  It was a pretty tree this year.  The tree lot we go to was pretty picked over, but we found a good one.  Ev is taking the bare tree to his buddy who has a fishing pond.  The guy throws it in the water for the little fish to hide out in.

Used my air fryer to make dinner last night again.  I made a steak and french fries in it.  Had corn and a salad to go with it.  Was pretty good eats.  The fries were wonderful and crispy and the steak was tender and juicy.  I'm having a bit of an issue with getting the basket out of the unit.  Called the manufacturer today and they are sending a replacement basket.  Pleased with the service.

Tonight we will probably go to Tilley's for pizza.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back To Work

After eleven days off, I am back to work.  It was very nice to have all that time off over the holidays, but it sure went by fast!

Christmas was really good this year.  The kids were over for a meal and to open presents.  Everyone got what they wanted, and then some!  Pulled off some great surprises this year, which was really neat.

One of the gifts I got was an air fryer.  I am pleased with it, so far.  Last night I made a whole chicken in it.  Turned out pretty good.

The night before New Year's Eve the kids were over again for a meal and game night.  We played Cranium and dice.  Had a lot of fun doing that.  I would like to do more evenings like it in the future.

Started sewing the New Year's Eve mystery quilt.  I think it is going to look good, just from what I can tell so far.