Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sewing but not QUILTING

Sewing, but not QUILTING, which is what I want to be doing! Darling daughter wanted me to finish a dress for her (5 hours straight on a Saturday - it was like working in a sweat shop)! Then a friend wanted help finishing a scrub top for her daughter. Now, my darling hubby has informed me that he pinned up the hem on a pair of jeans and they are on my sewing table and would I please hem them tonight? ARGH.

I did get some 16 patch shirting blocks finished. I have 21 of one kind, to make a top from (only need 20, then use 20 muslin squares in between). I have to cut the muslin before sewing them together. I have enough mix and match blocks to make another quilt with several left over!

I sorted through five bins of fabric over the weekend. I sorted it into bins by color.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pet Mats and Pot Holders

I finished four of the pet mats, finally. The fifth needs a piece of batting cut for it. I also whipped up a potholder since I desperately needed a new one in the kitchen. At least I can say I finished something!

Also finished the backing for darling daughter's graduation quilt. Took a while, but it's done. Now I need to iron the top and back. The weather turned hot and humid these past few days, so once again I was in a sewing slump.