Thursday, June 25, 2009

Turtle in the pond

What does it say about me, or maybe about my job, that I would rather go to a park and sit in my car in the heat instead of going back to my office a minute early from my lunch hour? Even though I could sit in the air conditioned break room at work? I really enjoy going to the park and sitting in the car, under a tree, parked as close to the pond as I can. I really wish I lived somewhere out in the woods, not in town. I need that open space to decompress. That is one of my dreams, to have a house in the woods with a pond.

This is a picture of a turtle in the water. You can hardly see him, but he's there. I also saw a snake in the water and quite a few carp trying to eat the leaves that had fallen on top of the water. They looked really funny, with their big mouths open and gaping at the air!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three lonely yo-yo's

I did what I intended to do! I sewed a few yo-yo-'s last night. Here's a picture of my big accomplishment. Going to make myself to a few more tonight. I need to be doing something, anything, sewing related to get me out of this funk.

We just had bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches for supper last night with chips. Easy to do and didn't heat up the kitchen (I love microwave bacon...). Tonight we are having tacos and tomorrow I'm going to try a new crock pot recipe for 'Asian Beef'.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday night baseball

Okay, it's quarter to seven on Tuesday night. The kids aren't home, darling hubby is at work, and I've had dinner already. The Cubs are playing baseball and the game is on t.v. I am going to get out the container I have by the couch with my yo-yo's in it and make a couple yo-yo's. It's a small start, but it's something.

The heat index is 104 degrees. This weather is horrible. Give me snow. I worry about dear hubby working in the factory in this heat. He said his machine shut down three times last night because it overheated. If a machine running on 440 or 880 electricity shuts down because it's too hot, what about the person who is running it's body? I keep texting him at work to remember to drink lots of fluids.

Found a math error in my checkbook yesterday that has me upset, of course. I know it's only money but when a person doesn't have much of it, it's hard not to let it bother you. I think I have it all straightened out, but I'll be nervous about it until Friday when darling hubby's check is direct deposited. Thank God we have jobs to get paycheck's from!

Okay, I'm getting off the computer and I'm going to make at least 2 yo-yo's! Right now! :)


I have really been in a sewing funk lately. I don't think I have been in the sewing room since the beginning of May. That's way too long. I know the graduation and party took up a lot of time. So did my grandmother's health. Now I'm blaming the excessive heat. My sewing room does not have air conditioning. I guess I'll get up there eventually and do some sewing. In the meantime all I seem to want to do is sleep. Maybe I'm depressed.

This is a picture of darling hubby and darling daughter. Darling hubby got this bike a while ago and is just crazy about it. It's pretty old and beat up, but he loves it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mid Week

I have been having a heck of a time lately. Looking back on my blog at this time last year, I realize I am going through some of the same things. One of which is a let down since my son's graduation.

There are other issues too. Darling son has had conversations with a gal he met over the internet who lives several states away. She just turned 16 and she and her mother flew here last weekend to meed darling son. Okay, maybe I'm old fashioned, but this seems odd to me. Now darling son is talking about flying out there to spend a weekend with her! I am not happy about any of this at all. I keep thinking if I can get him through the summer, things will level off when he starts college in the fall.

Darling daughter has been working at the assisted living facility a few towns away from home. She is trying to get into the one that is closer, in the same town I work in. I hope it happens. It would be so much easier. Right now she is getting over an eye infection, after a trip to the doctor and to the emergency room. She is going to be buying a new pair of glasses because her old ones (she wears contacts) were a weaker prescription. I feel bad because our insurance doesn't cover them right now and she has to pay for them out of pocket.

And of course, money is so tight for us right now, just as it is for everyone, I'm sure. Darling husband works afternoons and today the employer that he worked for six years ago called to see if he would come in and run a job for them in the morning before going to his regular job in the afternoons. He went, because we need the money, but I know he will be dog tired tonight.

I'm frustrated with my job right now. I have been at the same place for eight years and there is no where to move up. Being stagnant is getting really frustrating.

Still haven't started sewing again. I probably need that as therapy! Will get back in the groove when the time is right.

Been watering the tomato and pepper plants and the potted flowers on the deck and porch. It's satisfying to see them growing.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peaceful Lake

This is a picture of the Old Lake, our town's water source. Isn't it beautiful? It is so peaceful there. Darling hubby and I took one of the dogs out there Sunday, just for a little exercize. The dog loved it, and so did we. This was where we had the graduation party.

It looks like we are going to get some storms tonight. It has been hot the last couple of days, in the 90's already. Maybe if it rains it will cool off.

I've had a lot of things on my mind lately and haven't been able to do much sewing. My darling son is having company this weekend that I do not approve of at all. My grandmother is still not doing well. Darling daughter is interviewing for a different job. Darling son has college registration in a couple days. Darling husband has been working on the pool (this is always a stressor for him, and by default a stressor for everyone!). So I have pretty much just been keeping myself sane by sinking into a good book. Sewing will happen soon, I have no doubts about that.

I did make my own upside down tomato plant holder. I drilled a hole in the bottom of a five gallon bucket, put a sponge over the hole with a slit in it, fed a tomato plant through and filled the bucket with dirt. Then I hung it on the T post of the clothesline. It is a cherry tomato plant, so the weight of the fruit shouldn't be too heavy. Hope it grows!