Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday evening

Just a quick post. I've been going upstairs after watching the news in the evening and working for about an hour on the wall hanging. I have all the focus squares done. Now I need to cut and piece the sashing.

Now, Darling Son has informed me that he may be moving out also! Is there something in the water? Sigh. I don't think he will be going anywhere soon, and I know it has to happen eventually. Darling Daughter still has plans in the works but no date set yet.

I don't know what we will do in the winter for transportation for Darling Husband. He has ridden the motorcycle all summer long to work. I looked on the internet to see if I could find a cheap truck. He just needs something to get him from home to work, about 7/10ths of a mile one way! I'm thinking an old used truck would be perfect because there are so many times we need a truck to get brush hauled to the compost site.

I think I'm going to buy a couple of those folding 6' long tables in a couple weeks. That way I can baste my quilts in the basement or in the garage (or one of the kids' rooms if they move out...) instead of having to run to the church basement. My friend Donna likes this idea also because she doesn't have anywhere to baste her quilts too. Keeping that in mind, I am giving myself that amount of time to finish the wall hanging then when I have the tables I will baste the Double Delight and get to work on it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I finally got started on the wallhanging for Mom. I didn't realize how small it is going to be! I will post some pics soon. I don't have a lot finished on it, but I have made a good start.

Didn't do much more on the green shirtings quilt. I washed more muslin for the blank squares and have to make about 8 more 16 patch blocks, then can put the rows together. That project may go on the shelf for a while. I have to get the last borders on the double delight quilt. I promised it to Mom for her to give as a Christmas gift.

Picked up another used sewing machine at a garage sale. It was a steal at $3 and included a cabinet! I bought it just for the cabinet, which is in real good condition and my old faithful Kenmore fits into. It should make machine quilting a lot easier to have the machine recessed in a cabinet.

Darling Daughter may be moving out soon. I have mixed feelings about this. It just seems like time is moving so fast anymore.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday afternoon musings

Well, Gram finally went to stay with Mom. Hopefully she will get with some good doctors up there and get some relief from her constant pain. It is a relief to all of us that she is no longer living alone.

I have been doing a little sewing again. Over the weekend I worked on a quilt I started a while ago. It's made out of green shirts I purchased at the local thrift shop. It's similar to the red shirtings quilt top I finished a while back. The shirtings are made into 16 patch blocks and those blocks alternate with muslin blocks. I'm making it the same size as the red shirtings quilt, with the thought in mind that someone may want to purchase both of them.

I have the fabric ready to be cut to start the wall hanging for Mom. Just haven't gotten to it yet. I have also been doing a lot of organizing in the sewing room. I have been purchasing three drawer carts with wheels on them and transferring my stash to them. The carts aren't cheap, so I can only buy one at a time, but I have made a dent in the clean up effort. I see progress and a light at the end of the tunnel, at least.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dog Bones Quilt Finished!

It's finally finished! This is the dog bones quilt I started while in Golconda in April. It was made for a little boy named Ian who is the son of a friend of Mom's. Ian has Down's Syndrome. The label says "This quilt belongs to Ian". I hope he likes it!

Saturday dear hubby and I went to visit Gram. She isn't doing well at all. In fact, this morning she went into the hospital again for pain. She really really needs to go live with Mom.

I guess I will get geared up to quilt another baby quilt top. I'm thinking of the kitty cat pattern in pinwheels.