Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Won!

Remember those chunky churn dash blocks I made for the block lotto? I won a set of them from Stashbusters! They were to be mailed out yesterday, so I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival. Still waiting for my digital camera to come from the phone company, too.

I cut some more pieces out for the 16-patch quilt made out of shirtings over the weekend. After my careful calculations, taking into account shrinkage, I washed and dried what I thought was the correct amount of muslin to make the alternating squares for the 16-patch squares. Yeah, right. I still needed enough muslin washed and dried to make 10 more blocks! If muslin didn't shrink so much, I wouldn't bother washing it first, but since I know the shirtings have been washed many times, it would be a disaster not to wash the muslin. So I cut more muslin and washed and dried it. Now I have to press it and cut the squares.

I really have to get back into the swing of things with my sewing. Every day I think I'll go home from work and work on this project, or that project. Then I get home and I just plop in the chair after making dinner. And fall asleep.

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