Sunday, October 22, 2023

Bread and Bags

...but not bread bags...

Yesterday we went to a wedding for a couple who are dear friends of the family.  Both of our kids and spouses were there too. It was a nice day.

I was able to finish quilting panels for all but one of the big bags.  I have it loaded on the frame so it won't take long to quilt.  Hoping to get to it one night this week.

These are 5 of the 7.  You are seeing half a panel of each in the picture. And Addy.  And Bess.  Little photo bombers.

I have a pot of stew cooking on the stove and 2 loaves of bread in the oven.

The stew just needs to be thickened.  Bread should be done soon.  The house smells good!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Vacation Days

Ev and I had the past week off.  We rented a cute cabin in the Missouri Ozarks.  It was a beautiful spot and was very peaceful and relaxing.  Unfortunately, Ev was sick with a respiratory and sinus infection.

I had taken my Featherweight machine and made some of these cute little present blocks.

The new cat, Miss Lenore, was pretty happy to see us.  My sister came over and fed and watered her.  She has become quite the little lover , jumping in my lap and curling up for a nap.

This weekend I quilted panels for 4 more bags on Gemma.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Four Friends i

 Yesterday we had a girls day.  The three of us from my area met up with our friend up north.  We had a shopping trip and then lunch.

See all our bags?  I put goodies in different pockets, too.

My son and his wife moved to the city over the weekend.  They bought their first house.  Since it is in the middle of the city, they didn't take their cat that had been living outside.  We now have a cat living in our garage.  I'm actually loving it.  I go out and spend time with her every night when she comes in for the night.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Productive Weekend


This quilt for my brother and his wife is completed.  I added the binding today and a label.

I kind of want to make another chunky churn dash top now.

I have been making these big bags like cray.  This one was in progress in this photo, but it is done now.  These are going to make some nice gifts.

This is a strip set for a future bag.  I'm going through some of the jelly roll sets and moving them along.  Feels good to be using them and using stash for linings and pockets.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Checkbook Cover


Here is a checkbook cover I found a pattern for on Pinterest.  It was super easy and worked up quickly.  I needed something in a light color because I am always digging around in my purse for my checkbook.  This pretty fabric is one of my favorites.

I finished quilting my brothers wedding quilt today.  Took it off the frame and just have to add a label and bind it!  Not sure what's going on Gemma next, but I want to keep the momentum going.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Another quilt going on Gemma

This is the top I am quilting next. It was on Gemma a year ago and part of it was ruined by Bess the cat. Had to build out the sides with the large border to make it the right size. 

I picked up backing material over the weekend when Ev and I went down ti Nashville, IL.  Lee's Variety store is so cool.... It reminds me if my childhood.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Jeans Redo

Way back in the 90's I made quite a few flannel comforters for Christmas one year.  I had a lot of flannel scraps left over.  I also had a lot of my husband's jeans that were too worn out or stained for him to wear anymore.  I decided to make a jeans comforter with a flannel back.  It turned out to be one of the family's favorite blankets, but my son especially loved it.

Fast forward almost 30 years.  The comforter long ago lost it's backing of flannel from repeaded washings and heavy use.  The jeans top was relegated to a basement cabinet and pretty much forgotten about.  Until a few months ago.  Darling Son asked me if I still had it.  I said yes but it was in pretty sorry shape.  He said he was wondering about it.  That got me to thinking....  What about a redo?  I could trim off the edges where the flannel and batting (oh, my, did I really use high loft 100% polyester batting?) hung in shreds.  I would also need to pick out all the little crochet thread ties that used to hold it all together.  Then could I possibly put it on Gemma?

Over the last few weeks I have rough trimmed the edges and painstakingly removed all the little threads.  This was what it looked like:

It has seen a lot of love and really was used.  There are holes and tears, and stains, most of which were ink from Dear Hubby's job.  And did I mention, it isn't really squared up?  Cutting myself a lot of slack on that one, because it was the early 90's and I had not made many quilts, and I had two very young children at the time.

My plan was to find a backing, layer it with batting (the good stuff this time!), put another piece of material over the batting that will play peekaboo in the more holey sections of the top, then lastly put the top on.

Backing is a striped sheet I thought would play nice because it has been washed a lot and won't shrink.  The jeans top is not going to shrink and it would not be good if the back did.  Here it is loaded on Gamma:

The batting went on next, and then another sheet, this one also had been washed many times.

And finally the top.  It is going to have to float, because it needs to be adjusted as I quilt it.  Remember, it's not really squared up... :)

I decided to use my new grid stencil and put diagonal wavy lines on it, going around any tears a few times - pretty loosy goosy quilting, but it should really secure the layers together.

Wish me luck!  Oh, and I have no clue how I am going to bind this sucker, but I'm sure I will figure something out!  Hey, keep a secret if you see my son - he is going to get this for Christmas this year.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Hope's Island Paradise

I quilted this top today!  When I showed a pic to Mary she said it looked like an island paradise, thus the name.  It is for my niece, Hope, for Christmas.  Pieced the back, and I like it!  Want to bind it this week.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Fantastic Find at Salvation Army


Salvation Army has had this entertainment center for a couple months now.  It is not very tall and originally was marked at 50 bucks.  It went down to 40, then 25, and today was marked 12.99.  The one door did not line up properly.  I sent Johanna a picture and asked if it was fixable.  She said yes so I bought it (senior discount, with tax, price was 12.17 out the door).  

I did not even have to take it out of the truck, she just fine tuned the door hinge and took out the tv stand and slider.  When she removed the bottom drawer to do that she found the original receipt.  In 1994 the cost was $1060!  I think I got a good deal, don't you?

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Soldier has come home

Can you see all the little flags lining the street?  A soldier who had been MIA for almost 80 years (from WWII) was identified and was brought home with a military escort today.