Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting in the mood to sew

Argh! I can't seem to motivate myself to sew! I tell myself I'm going to go home from work and sew this or that. Then I get home and after making dinner and doing laundry and whatever else has to be done, all I want to do is collapse on the couch.

I did start on the pet mats. I put five of them together. They need to be quilted. I want to do that on the industrial singer, so that's been my stalling point. Haven't gotten upstairs to work on them.

On one of the blogs I recently read was the story of how this gal met her husband. Since I don't have much news to report on sewing, I can at least relate a bit of ancient history. I met my husband in May of 1985 at a mutual friends house party. I was actually sitting on the couch talking to his brother, when my future husband knocked on the front door. Someone had accidentally locked the door, so I got up since I was closest to the door to let him in. I remember opening the door and feeling this rush that almost knocked me over. I was tongue tied (a small miracle since I was/am quite a chatterbox). We didn't start dating right away, because I was trying to make up my mind if I liked his brother or not. Didn't date the brother, and then in July of that year my future husband and I got together and the rest is history.

I do want to back this story up a little. Some of you readers are going to scoff at this next part, but I'm adding it anyway. In February of 1985 a friend and I went to see a psychic. She had an office on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and was well respected. She had a radio show on one of the local news channels and helped the police in missing persons cases. My friend and I had never gone to a psychic before and this was just a fun thing we were going to do. Well, we had our readings that day, and also had audio tape recordings of them made. I laughingly told my friend that the psychic told me I would meet the man I was going to marry in May. Then promptly forgot about the reading and the tape.

After my husband to be and I had been together for almost a year, he proposed to me. I said yes, obviously. As wedding plans progressed, I was cleaning out a drawer and came across the tape recording of the reading. I laughingly put it in the tape player and was listening to it, when she got to the part about meeting the man I would marry in May. I laughed, because we didn't start dating until July, so I pooh poohed it all. My fiance walked in the room and I asked him what month we met. He immediately says "we met in May". I asked how he can be so positive of that and he told me we met a couple days after his birthday, which is in the beginning of May.

To this day, 20+ years later, I have not gone for another psychic reading. If I were to go to one that was reputable and he/she told me something bad, I would probably think that they were right and be upset. On the flip side, if they were wrong, I would still have thought the bad things were going to happen and been miserable for nothing.

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Sweet P said...

What a wonderful story to share! I love a great little love story.