Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gyro's in town

Last night Ev and I went up to Tilley's for dinner.  They didn't have gyro's on the menu, but they did have a little card on the table advertising them.  We decided to try them.  Surprisingly they weren't horrible.

The pita bread was good and the meat was good.  The sauce was okay, but they needed to put more on it.  Tomatoes and lettuce were okay.  The onions were grilled, which was not the way we are used to them.  They should have been sliced thin and been raw.  And they put pickles on the sandwich!  Yuck!  I like pickles, but not on my gyro!

All in all, they were a nice change.  I do hope they keep them on the menu.  Next time I will ask them to hold the pickles... haha.

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