Monday, August 14, 2017

Super busy with wedding stuff and Swagbucks link

2 weddings within 3 weeks of each other!  Wow, this is nuts.  I have been pulling my hair out trying to keep organized about who I have called for who's wedding.  Both kids having ceremonies within three weeks of each other is madness.  But once it's done, it is done!  I hope to get more into the blog again then.

In the meantime, there is a website I have found that you can earn points and get free gift cards to Amazon and Pay Pal, among other places.  It's called Swagbucks.  Please take a look at it and sign up if you are interested through the following link.  I get points if you do!

Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to have time to post on the blog again.  I am still alive and kicking.  Just busy, busy, busy!  Now, how much beer do we need for Nick's wedding?  Oh and did the minister call back for Johanna's?  What about the caterer?  And .......  sigh!


Sewgranny said...

Wondered where you'd been! OH MY, hope both weddings go off wonderful and you can get back to quilting and blogging!!! Congrats on a new SIL and DIL!!!!

Lynley said...

I was just about to send you an email and see if you were OK! I can't even imagine how crazy that must be, make sure that you relax and enjoy the days themselves .... some of that beer might help :) and post pics!