Friday, July 18, 2014

Arthur Eve

Yeah, yeah, it's corny, I know.  But tomorrow we are going to Arthur!  Mary and Marla and I are all meeting for a girl's day out!  I'm taking the Packer's quilt to Mary to give to Mom.  Also taking a couple of the personal tables that Mary and Marla also wanted from Aldi.  I'm still half tempted to go buy myself another one since I really really like the one I got.

Looking forward to going to Miller's Dry Goods for oodles and oodles of fabrics, Beachy's for spices and baked goods, that place on the main street that sells cheese (mmmmm), and then to lunch either at Roslyn's or Yoder's.  Ahhhhh.

Last night I sewed for an hour on the chopped blocks.  Making the ones with the white center squares now.  Since I still have plenty of time to get the 9 quilts done, sewing on them is relaxing and fun.  No stress! 

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Dora, the Quilter said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful time!