Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Two More

Another two of the nursing home quilts.  The green one hardly looks like the same block because the background is not the same.  I did a large meander on the green for the quilting and the straight lines and boxes on the blue one.

Someone asked my stepmother, who was at the dinner when the quilts were to be distributed, why I did this every year.  Some of the recipients will have received more than one quilt over the years.  My answer to that question is this:  I think that receiving a quilt probably brings a smile to the faces of the recipient.  That's why I do it - to make people happy.  Being in a nursing home is probably a pretty dreary thing, and any kind of bright spot is most likely appreciated.  The quilts they received in previous years were probably washed quite a bit and that will have taken it's toll on the fabrics, for sure.  So, that's why I do it.  And maybe, after the fact that I have done this for several years, some of them are expecting a quilt, and I would hate to disappoint them!

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