Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gemma is on her way home!

Just in case you didn't already know what I thought about Nolting, I'll say it again - Nolting customer service ROCKS!  My machine is repaired and trucking her way home to me!  Whoopee!  I'm a happy girl.  I will be even happier when she is home, safe and sound.  With the Christmas rush of packages, I'm not too hopefull that she will get home before the week is over.  I'm thining more like next Tuesday or later.

Tonight I am picking up farm eggs from my friend, then going home and sewing on a strippy quilt for my sister in law.  Would like to get the top done tonight if possible.  Quilt Cam is at 8 and the Michael Buble' Christmas Special is on at 9.  I'm thinking, since Quilt Cam usually runs until 9:30, I will dvr the special on the t.v. in the bedroom and watch it before I fall asleep.  Bonnie Hunter hasn't done Quilt Cam since she went to Austria, so I'm sure she will have all kinds of neat stories to tell while she sews!

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