Thursday, September 3, 2015

Working Toward The Weekend...

Seems like that's what I am doing this week.  Just marking time until the long weekend.

The other night I had this for dinner.  It's two corn tortillas that I heated in the skillet with no oil.  I put a tiny bit of shredded cheese on them to melt, along with some season salt.  Then I loaded them up with cucumbers, tomatoes, salsa, and fat free sour cream.  Also had some mini peppers to go with them.  It was a good and filling dinner and good for me, too!

I took Addy for a walk this morning before work.  I forgot to put the right collar on her, and she just about pulled my arm off.  If that wasn't enough, when I walk, sometimes there is loose gravel and she has actually pulled me off my feet before.  So we only walked for 10 minutes and came back home.

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