Thursday, October 13, 2016

Afghan Crochet Stitch

 I decided to do a little bit of crocheting again.  Thought I might crochet a few dish cloths for Christmas gifts.  I had tried knitting them a few years ago, and they turned out nice, it's just that I know how to crochet and do it much better than I knit, so this time I'm going with what I know best.

That said, I thought I might use a new stitch...  haha.  No worries, it was easy to learn.  I'm doing the afghan stitch, which seems to me like a cross between knitting and crocheting.  Anyway, here is what the front of the work looks like:

I like it so far.  And here is what the back of the work looks like:

Not super thrilled with the way the back looks, but I can live with it.

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