Monday, October 3, 2016

Getting To Quilt

Hard to see in this pic, but I have teh first row almost completely quilted.  Bobbin thread broke when I was finishing up the last blue block.  I was getting ready to leave with the hubby to go to Wal Mart and decided to just wait until next time to finish up.

The design in the patterned blocks is the same as in the blue blocks.  It doesn't show up very well in that pink thread.

I thought just a simple flower was a good choice for this top.

The little bees in the sashing fabric inspired me to do squiggles that look like a bee's flight pattern!  I tried not to cross over any bees (no bees were harmed in this quilt... lol).

The little heart in the corner of the blocks was kind of an afterthought.  There seemed to be too much empty space in the corners.  The hearts are sloppy on purpose.

In the outer border I drew a wavy line with chalk.  Then I made lower case cursive letter L's and E's on either side of the wavy line.

I am pleased with how this is turning out.

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