Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nice Break

Two sugar cookies and a cup of hot tea.  Ahhhh.  And I just love that big mug in the picture.  I have two of them that are similar.  I would like to find a couple more.  They are bigger than the usual mug and have thicker walls.  I know I got them from Wal Mart years ago and have been keeping my eyes open for them there.  No big deal, just would like a couple more if I ever find them.

Those sugar cookies were from a batch of Amish Sugar Cookies I made over the weekend.  Love that recipe.  It makes a LOT of cookies.  See the imprint of dots on them?  I use a sugar bowl that was my grandma's to press the cookies down with.  It has these bumps on the bottom of it that make a nice pattern for the cookie tops.  I used to have a glass that had a cut pattern on the bottom that looked like a star but it's been long broke.

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