Thursday, January 22, 2015

Who Me? Not Me!

No, Mom, I'm not going to eat Addy's food.  Nuh, huh, not me....  Why are you taking my picture?  This can't be entered as evidence against me, can it?  I plead not guilty!

Actually, Shadow will stand UNDER Addy and the two of them will eat out of the dog food bowl at the same time.  It's not like the cat doesn't have any cat food.  She has tons!  Except when Addy gets at it and eats all the cat food in her bowl.  Sigh.

Almost went upstairs yesterday, but then my darling daughter showed up and we visited for a while.  When she left I just wasn't in the mood to go up anymore and sew.

I'm sure if I looked back on the blog at other January's I would find the same pattern.  After Christmas I just seem to lose the urge to sew for a few weeks.  It will return.  No fear!  :)

And please excuse that horrible linoleum flooring in my kitchen!  yuck, yuck, yuck!  That's actually a good spot on the floor, too.  Under the fridge there is a huge place where the previous fridge motor scorched the floor because it got so hot.  Real fire hazard, that was.  In front of the freezer is a spot about two feet square where a previous dog chewed and peeled the linoleum up.  Why?  Boredom?  Who knows....  Anyway, putting down wood laminate is on the list for in the kitchen.  Just have to get the other rooms done first.

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