Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a start

Saturday and Sunday I did a little sewing.  I made the first pair of blocks for this year's Paducah Swap with Mary.

They are all going to be 16-patch blocks that will finish at 12" square.  I'm doing them in strip sets.

There are a couple of strip sets sewn and a couple more cut and ready to be sewn.  I'll get a few sets sewn into sets of four strips, then press and cut them to be sewn into the 16 patch blocks.

And yes, that is a garbage can on top of the table.  I have a puppy.  Enough said?

Speaking of the pup, today, in one fell swoop, her monetary total of things destroyed via her mouth has caught up to Ivy's lifetime total.  Today she destroyed the pump on the swimming pool.  Ev thinks he may be able to fix it, but I'm doubtful.  Sigh.

You know, I still miss Ivy so much.  I sure did love that dog.  And I sure do love Addy, too.  Rambunctious is a good word for her right now...  haha.

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