Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Bear House

That's what I'm calling this block.  The Bear House.  If you can tell, I did some pretty neat quilting in this block.  The bottom green area has little spikey's to look like grass.  The brown sidewalk has lines to look like pavement.  The door has some lines going up and down with tiny loops.  Each window has the bear in it outlined and the one without a bear I outlined the trees.  The grey has lines going across about 3/4th inch apart.  Blue areas have microstipples.  The roof has scallops to look like shingles and the chimneys have lines to look like bricks.

I had a BEAR of a time on this block (haha).  The bobbin thread kept breaking and it was driving me crazy.  It was during that fiasco that I ripped a hole in the block next to it.  Went to push the machine to the side, off the quilt, and accidently hit the needle down button.  Oh was I aggravated!  Got over it and moved on.

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horsnaround said...

I can hardly wait to see this block in person!! Great job!