Friday, May 29, 2015


If you every look at my right rail on the blog, I have a list of blogs I like to read.  Recently I added The Inbox Jaunt.  Lori Kennedy maintains it and has some wonderful posts that I have found very helpful.

There are no rules in doodling, at least not that I know of, and it's something everyone can do.  Even the artistically challenged!  So my desk pad is now filled with doodles!

These were some spirals that were supposed to look like wind.  I think they do.

This was a spiral lolipop flower.  It was easy to draw.  I think there would need to be less spirals when quilting it, though, because that would be pretty stiff with all that stitching so close.

And these flowers are definetely going to find a way into a quilt soon!  The paperclips above might make it into a border, too!

The whole doodling idea has just opened up my brain that has been logjammed when it comes to 'what should I quilt'?  Another thing I'm not going to be afraid to do is mark on the quilt.  Some registration lines might help me out, and they will wash out.

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