Thursday, November 10, 2016

Been Busy

Sorry I haven't posted again.  Been busy around the house.  I swear, dirty laundry multiplies like rabbits.  sigh.  Anyway, tomorrow is Veteran's Day and I have the day off.  Hopefully I will get to sew.

I absolutely do not want to hear about the election any more.  Sick of it.  Wish the media would put that to bed already.

Plans for Johanna's wedding are starting to ramp up.  She is deciding on decorations now.  Thankfully we have friends who have had kids get married recently and are willing to share their decorations.

Bought 9000, yes 9000, twinkle lights at Lowe's over the weekend for decorations at the wedding.


Sewgranny said...

WOW, that's a lot of lights!!! I thought when the election was over we'd be through, I'm still sick of it...doing lots of quilting!!!!

Lynley said...

How is your zen going? I won't mention the you-know-what ... thinking about twinkle lights is a much better idea! that is a huge number of lights, it sounds like it's going to be beautiful. Good luck with the sewing (we don't have a day off today sadly).

TheEclecticAbuela said...

My son is getting married the weekend after Thanksgiving--thank goodness, I'm not in charge of twinkle lights! :)

Election? Bah, humbug--HSTs anyone?