Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cute Snowman Decoration

Looky what I made!  He's so cute!  The glue wasn't quite dry on his buttons when I snapped this, but it will dry clear.  Was super easy to make.  Here is the link to the you tube video:


I did it just about identical, except I added a little glue around the back of the hat to glue it to the snowman's head.  And I used different things for buttons and hat ornament, but I really like it!

Inexpensive to make!

3 pair of toddler socks in white, $1
3 pair of toddler socks in colors, $1
bag of star sequins, $1.88
bag of gem sequins, $2.88
blush, $1
orange puff paint, $.97
black puff paint, $.97
bag of rice, $1.50

If I hadn't been in a hurry to make one, I would not have bought the sequins.  I think I would have scrounged in my button box and beads for them.  The sequins were the most expensive things, but there are enough sequins to made an army of snowmen.  Remember, 3 pair of socks make 6 snowmen.  I found the socks and blush at the dollar store.  The rest I got at Wal Mart.

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