Monday, November 7, 2016

Finally Sewing Again

Yup, finally getting back into the groove.  Knew it would happen, just needed to wait it out!  haha.  Anyway, over the weekend I started quilting on the second top for the nursing homes.  Doing a simple grid pattern on the big blocks and some ovals in the border.  Nothing fancy at all.

I chose a cone of thread, and right now I can't remember if it was Signature or YLI or what, but it was a cone that I bought because it was a good brand and I wanted to try it.  I bought it a couple years ago and every time that I tried to use it, I had a mess.  Loops all over the place, thread breakage, and just all kinds of aggravation.  I put it away for a while.

Well, I got the thread out again and told myself that if I had to change threads in the middle of this quilt because of problems, that I would just change threads.  Not going to stress over it.  Would you believe that thread has been wonderful to work with this entire time?

I think part of the reason is that I am a bit more experienced now than I was when I bought the thread.  Another factor is that I am letting my machine warm up, with the empty bobbin case in it, for a lot longer than I had been.  It is an older machine and maybe it just takes things a little bit longer to get moving properly.

I also have the quilt fairly taut on the machine.  Not any sagging areas to speak of.  And, another thing, I am keeping the bed of the machine really close to the backing.  That may have been part of my problem all along with other quilts, too.

Live and learn!

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