Monday, November 14, 2016

Kitty Story

This story has a good ending, I promise!

I have two very sick kitties on my chest in this picture.  Saturday morning, Hanna's kitties were in very bad shape.  The mama cat had quit nursing and quit getting in the box with them, so not only were they starving, they were freezing cold after spending the night in the barn.  When Ben went over to work on the house, he called Hanna right away (she and I were at breakfast).  We both went over there, and so did Ben's mom.  There were six very sick kitties.  Each of us took two and tried to feed them and warm them up.  The grey one above was completely non responsive.  Even if you opened her eyes, she wouldn't respond or anything.  No movement, barely breathing, and cold.  For four hours we fed and warmed all six of the babies.  After three hours, the grey kitty twitched.  Just a little, but it was a twitch.  Then a little while later she opened her mouth just a tiny bit.  I had been putting a drop of kitty milk on her lips all along, hoping she would lick it or something.  Finally, she started to take some of it!  Not much, but we got some in her and that was a start.

Hanna was very concerned about them being able to go potty, so she massaged their little bellies until they did.  And now, they are staying in her mother in law's basement, not the barn.  Mama cat, who's milk dried up, is not with them, but she had pretty much left them already, so it isn't making any difference.  The basement is nice and warm and clean.

By the time I left, little Twitch was opening her eyes, moving around a little bit, and even meowing!  A kitty miracle!  And here are a few pictures of her from last night:

Licking her lips!  Must have just gotten some milk!

Being vocal.  Hey, guys, here I am!

I am King of the mountain, yes I am!

And my favorite picture.  Who knows she's cute?  Yup, she knows it!

Now, I have to figure out how to convince Ev to let me have a kitten!  We have Shadow cat and Miss Addy the Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix.  I am worried that if we get Twitch, Addy will be too rough with her.  Would probably have to keep Twitch in a seperate room when we weren't home, if we got her.

Will keep you posted!

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Lynley said...

oh that is one very very cute kitten! I think you have to take her now, she thinks you're her mum and she'd be traumatised if you didn't :)