Saturday, April 7, 2007

Day before Easter

Here's a picture of a quilt I made at the beginning of the year. It was made to be sold. The center square has the name of a person stitched in the center. You can kind of tell there is a pattern to it a little bit. I would loosely call it a trip around the world as each round radiates from the center out. The first round was green, etc. I didn't follow any real strict rules, just tried to put in squares that were in the same color family.

I started another quilt that will be the same size as this one, made with squares in different greens. Each round is the same material, though, so it will be more pronounced. Plan on machine quilting on my old industrial Singer. This will be my first real attempt at stipple quilting. I have the top almost completed.

I haven't given up on the idea of a log cabin out of green shirtings, just wanted to get something done over the holiday weekend. I don't have all the shirts prepped to be cut yet. It seems to take forever to cut up the shirts. The back and front panels always yield a lot of fabric, but it's hard to throw away the sleeves, so of course those have to be cut apart, too. Then cutting off the hem and seams help to make the material lay flat for cutting. Cutting is not one of my favorite parts of sewing. It ranks right up there with ironing! But since I converted my ironing board into a big board, ironing isn't quite the task it used to be. My hubby bolted a 2'x5' piece of plywood to my old ironing board and I covered it in batting and muslin. Works great and was cheap to make. The lumber yard cut the plywood to size. Total for the wood was only $7 and I had the muslin and batting.

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