Monday, April 23, 2007

The Green Monster

It's done, it's done! I finished the Green Monster Saturday night after my trip to Arthur. It's a trip around the world pattern. The middle square is a duck on the water. On the backside, which is muslin, at the top and bottom borders I put a strip of pieces of squares from the front. I would like to say this design element was planned, but what really happened was the muslin shrank in the washer and dryer and I refused to cut, wash, dry, and piece more muslin. I also added a label printed on our home computer. It wasn't much, but at least it was a label. The quilting was my first attempt at quilting a large quilt on the industrial singer. I'm pleased with it, overall. I had planned to stipple but chickened out and ended up doing wavy lines up and down through the middle of the squares, and again across. Gave the quilt to Dad Sunday. Told him it was just because, no special reason. Oh, and my two teenagers are behind the quilt holding it up for me to photograph it. That's the closest they have been to each other for ages without arguing. I took the picture quickly....

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