Thursday, August 28, 2014

15 turned into 1.5

Or something like that.  I went upstairs to sew for 15 minutes because my backside was growing roots into the couch and I needed to MOVE.  Well, once I was upstairs, that 15 minutes turned into close to an hour and a half!  I finished putting the dark purple border on the Carpenter Star top.  It's all ready for quilting.

Next I picked out some fabrics for a third, yes, a third, Carpenter Star top.  This may or may not be the last one I make...  hee hee hee.
I really didn't think I would want to make a red/pink quilt but once I started digging in the red drawer, I found that cute print with the hearts and dots on it and fell in love.  The dark fabric behind it will work well as the dark and the border.  The bottom pink was option one.

The bottom pink on this picture was option two.  I am going to go with option two.  I think there is a bit more contrast between the dark and this fabric.  Either way, it's going to work out fine.

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Lynley said...

that pink looks lovely! nice and bright ... I think time moves differently in the sewing room. Not like normal time at all.