Thursday, August 7, 2014

Almost done with another top

After thinking about it some more, I decided to put the blocks together in their 'unchopped' state and call it good.  Yes, they looked better as chopped blocks, but they looked pretty good this way, too.  And if I left them like this, the one block with the guitar in the center would not be broken up, which I think is cute.

So, I sewed the blocks into the top center last night and hope to get to the borders tonight.  That will be the second nursing home quilt top finished.  Still haven't decided what the next one will be, but have a couple ideas floating around in my head...  haha.

I'm in the process of establishing a legitimate business, with a name registered with the county and everything.  Yesterday's mail brought me the paperwork to send to the newspaper for publication for three weeks, then I have to send proof back to the county and it will all be done.  It's kind of exciting!  I even opened a P.O. Box at our local Post Office to use for the business.

I'm not sharing much of what it's all about right now, but when it takes off, I will let you in on the secret!  Notice I said "when" not "if"!  Positive thinking! 

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