Monday, August 11, 2014

Salads, Stars, and the Moon

We had such a nice weekend.  I was able to finish the center of the Carpenter's Star top.  I really like the way it turned out.  Need to add a border, probably of the dark blue, and the top will be done.
Those scruffy jeans below the top belong to Nick.  He was over for a bit and got drafted into being a quilt holder for me!  He played at Tilley's Saturday night.  I'm so proud of him.  He writes and sings his own songs.  It's some really good folk music.

Last night we just had chef's salads for dinner.  As usual, I put way too much stuff in them.  This was my salad and it was smaller than Ev's!
Home grown tomatoes, fresh farm eggs... what more could you ask for?  Well, Ev asked for home made blue cheese dressing, but that just wasn't happening. 

I was busy quilting on Gemma yesterday.  I quilted up some more fabric for my secret project, and I also quilted up this wall hanging. 

This was made from one charm pack.  The quilting is swirls and feathers and pebbles.  Nothing fancy and no stress during the quilting.  It was very liberating to be able to quilt this piece and not really worry about what the outcome was going to be.  Little by little, I am gaining confidence on Gemma.  The backing of this wall hanging is wild.  It's all these bright colors mixed together.  Since it was so crazy to begin with, I decided to use up some of my half filled bobbins on it.  The different thread colors blend right in!

And I found that my machine STILL does not like certain threads.  Here I was, quilting away with Connecting Threads Essentials all cotton thread in top and bobbin and Gemma was purring like a kitten.  I put another brand in the bobbin, and just like when I used it before (with like thread in the top) the bobbin thread broke every 12 inches or so.  That also gives me some confidence that it was not 'operator error' when the thread was breaking before.  I'm just going to stick with Connecting Threads.  I love their product.  While it is linty, it's not an issue for me since I have that little air compressor right there and blow the lint away every time I change the bobbin.  Works like a charm!

Did you see the supermoon last night?  It was so cool!  I was in bed and remembered that it was happening, so I got up and went out in my pajamas to take a picture.


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Lynley said...

That Carpenters star is lovely - how are you going to quilt it? I know what you mean about thread - my machine only likes one sort to quilt with (and it's not one of the "good" threads, which makes me feel like a bad quilter, isn't that strange?) and it's not worth even trying anything else because it won't work!!!

We saw the super moon too - our bedroom faces west and we were getting up on Monday and the moon was just setting ... it was spectacular!