Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Decisions, decisions

Remember the "chopped block" quilt from a few posts back that I made into a top for the nursing homes?  Well, these are the two types of blocks you make before you 'chop' them.  Just plain ol' blocks.  I was thinking that I could just put the blocks together at this stage, rather than go through the trouble of chopping them and sewing them together again.

Then I mentioned it to Sandy.  And she looked at the chopped block top and oohed and aahed over it and told me how much she liked it and how colorful it is.  And she may have, without meaning to, guilted me into making this top another chopped top.  Because she is right.  Sigh.

Last night I finished the blocks to this point.  Just have to press the ones with the white edges.  I was upstairs for an hour, but it was pretty hot up there, so I called it quits before pressing them.  Just couldn't stand the thought of being up there ironing in that heat.  Tonight, if nothing else, I want to get them pressed.  And really, I could drag the iron downstairs, into the a/c.

Ev's working a funky shift these next couple days, so I get to see him for a bit in the evenings.  We had dinner together last night at Sunset.  I had a very good, light, meal.  They had on their special a chicken salad stuffed tomato.  I ordered it and they brought out two medium sized tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad on a bed of lettuce.  The tomatoes looked and tasted home grown and the chicken salad was tasty.  I think I will be making this for myself in the near future.  I bought some chicken salad from the deli and I have tomatoes at home from a neighbor.  Ev had a patty melt, but it wasn't a good idea, because it was pretty greasy.  He was uncomfortable all night afterward.

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