Monday, September 15, 2014

Ahh, vacation....

Ev and I have a week of vacation and we are thoroughly enjoying it!  So far we have made a trip up to visit family and now are working on the laminate flooring.  Thursday we are going to get sweet little Addison from the shelter.  I can hardly wait!

When we were at Mom's I snapped a picture of the quilt on the bed I was sleeping in.  It's one of my early quilts.  I wanted to make a log cabin, but disregarded the silly notion that one side should be light and the other side should be dark on each block.  I hand quilted it.  And the binding was just the backing brought around to the front.  For all it's simplicity I still like it and it's held up quite well over the years!

I took a photo of a photo that was at Mom's also.  It's a picture of my Great Grandparent's on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
I remember the big party we had on their anniversary.  It was held at the motorcycle clubhouse in the little town we lived in.  Now, don't start thinking we were a biker gang family...  haha.  It was just the only place in town with a meeting hall.  And the motorcycle club is a dirt bike club that rides through the woods and climbs hills. 

This picture is from their early years together.  It hangs in my front room.  Lots of years between the two pictures.  What they must have seen and gone through!  He was a coal miner and she took care of the house and kids.  They set a wonderful example for me to follow in my marriage, let me tell you!

Probably not going to get much sewing in the next few days.  Maybe I can squeeze 15 minutes in here and there.  Will try!

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