Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sewing, Ice Cream, and Puppy

I actually sewed last night for a bit.  Just made a sample block out of a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. 
What I need to do is find some puppy-free time to get upstairs and finish making the nursing home tops.  And I need to put the border on Roses in the Snow yet.

For dinner we had chicken bacon ranch sandwiches on mini ciabatta rolls.  They were so yummy and easy!  I just bought chicken strips from the deli, and the bacon was microwavable, so it was quick, too.
Finally got that Dairy Queen Blizzard I have been craving for 4 days!  Not that I needed it...  haha.  I texted my friend Donna about 8 and asked if she wanted to go to DQ.  She did, so I loaded up Addy in the back seat and off we went!  Addy just laid down on the seat and took it all in.  She didn't get up while we were driving, just when we were at the drive thru window.  Guess she thought she had to say hello to the workers.
No, she did not get any of my ice cream!  Did I feel guilty?  Maybe a little...  But she still didn't get any of my ice cream...

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