Monday, September 8, 2014

Puppies and progress

Ev and I picked up the new flooring on Saturday and spent the weekend pulling up carpeting and tack strips.  Here's the progress so far:
Tonight we have someone coming to pick up the piano, so that will be the last part of the carpeting to be ripped up.  We need to clean and paint the floor, then will be able to put down laminate.

Here's a picture of a picture, so not real good quality, of the puppy we are considering adopting from the shelter.

Yes, she has a cast on her back leg.  She was adopted out for one day, had an accident where someone stepped on her, and was relinquished back to the shelter because of medical costs.  We have put in an application to adopt her and should hear something soon!

I am still working on the third Carpenter Star top.  This one is done in pinks and is coming along nicely.  I've cut strips for the first border on the Roses in the Snow quilt.  Need to get that done soon.


Lynley said...

That's what we spent last Wednesday doing! Carpet and tack strips (that were NAILED into the concrete slab, what a pain that was!) but it felt good to get that grotty old carpet out of the house :)
good luck with the puppy

Andee said...

Awe, poor puppy! I am glad she is finding a good home with you!