Friday, September 5, 2014

Roses in the Snow center finished

Yesterday, before Ev left for work, I asked him to put the fan on in the sewing room upstairs.  When it gets really hot out, that room is unbearable, but I've found if I have had a fan running for a few hours, it's tolerable.

So last night, because he had done that, I was able to sew for about an hour.  I completed the center of the Roses in the Snow top.

I lad it out over my cutting table to get a good look at it. 

And here is a close up.  I'm thinking of using the white material for a one inch border, then making a two inch border out of one or more of the reds.  Then a final border of white.  Not sure I have enough white.  I would have liked to have made the red border out of that very dark red, but I don't have any more of it.  Going to dig through the scrap drawer and see if I can come up with a few pieces at least so I can put them in the second border if I do a variety.

I also pressed all the squares for the pink Carpenter's Star that Mary and I are doing together. 

Here's all the dogears I clipped while I was watching the news!  I tried to keep them in a paper towel on my lap, but I'm sure there are a few down in the couch somewhere...  haha.

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horsnaround said...

This one is really really pretty!! I love it!! You are so talented. :)