Friday, September 12, 2014

Little bit of this and that

Last night was a good night to get a little bit of everything done.  I went straight from the office to the animal shelter to see our puppy-to-be.  She had gone to the vet yesterday and received a good report.  Her leg is in a soft cast now and next week that should be off and her stitches should be removed.  We are supposed to be able to get her on Thursday, the 18th!  I can hardly wait!

Made some breakfast sausages and eggs for Ev for dinner.  I didn't feel like eating much.  Then Nick came over and I did a load of his laundry and made him a grilled cheese sandwich.

I got all but a 4' section of the tack strip pulled up.  This last bit is behind the t.v. and I am going to try and get it up tonight.

I did spend about 20 minutes in the sewing room.  I sewed all the strips together for the first border on Roses in the Snow.  Might get that put on tonight if I have time.

And I did a couple loads of our laundry.  One thing I washed was an old quilt top made from jeans.  I'm hoping to repair the top and put a new batting and backing together with it.  It was so comfortable when it was still useable.  The backing just fell apart from hard use and repeated washings.  I think while I'm sitting in front of the t.v. I'll pick at it to get the old stitching and stuff off of it.  No hurry to get it done, really.

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