Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Pillowcase

I love the fact that I have a large stash of material to pull from!  I knew I didn't have a ton of Halloween themed fabric, but I found that strip of orange with kitties and pumpkins on it.  Thought it would look good for the band of the pillowcase.  Then I found that yellow and black gridded piece and thought, Why Not?  I think it works together really well.

The way Sharon showed us how to do the pillowcases at the retreat last July is just so easy, I whipped this one up in quick order.  I especially like making the enclosed seams.  It just gives it a more professional look.

I had put this in Johnathon's treat bucket and when they got home, Johanna said she put it right on his pillow!  That makes me smile.

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