Thursday, October 29, 2015

Making Progress

I have been making progress on Johnathon's quilt.  Last night I pressed the remaining blocks.  Then I got out my trusty white board and markers and proceeded to come up with a decent layout for them.  I think I have a good one figured out and would like to start on it tonight.

Tomorrow I won't really be able to sew upstairs or downstairs until after the trick or treat hours are past.  I supposed I could get out Polly, the 15-91, but it may just be easier to wait until after 8, then go upstairs!  Maybe I will be able to cut the borders in the kitchen, if I'm that far along.

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Lynley said...

oh yes, the trick or treating ... it's a new thing in Australia but is becoming very popular. I'm not entirely sure I'm across the concept but I have lots of tiny chocolate bars, which I think is the main thing :)