Friday, October 30, 2015

Count Johnathon!

A mini vampire descended upon my household last night!  Isn't he adorable?  Well, to me he is, but I have a biased opinion.  Johanna did a great job with his make up and costume.  Since he won't be with her and Ben this weekend, they took him to family last night so he could trick or treat.

And of course I had to make him up a special treat bucket...

There's a little bit of everything in there.  Not a lot of chocolate, because I'm sure he will get that when he goes door to door, but I did put cheetos, doritos, goldfish, slim jims and a cookie from the bakery in it.  Also put a cool Halloween cup with a lid and straw, a skeleton necklace, some Halloween pencils and tiny Halloween puzzles.  He liked it all!

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