Monday, October 19, 2015

Don't Fence Me In

Or rather, the work we had to do on the fence.

A view from the outside.  We replaced three posts that had rotted at the base.  We didn't have brand new panels, so we used what we had.  Ev wants to go get a new panel because one of the scrounged ones is a little yucky.  Probably do that next weekend.  I am just glad the posts are replaced and the panels are up (for now).  We did it all in one day, so Addy still has the run of the yard.

We also finished putting the railing up around the pool.  You can see some of the rails in the pic and some of the lattice work.  We replaced the lattice work with rails.  Glad it's done too.

We are tossing around the idea of getting chain link instead of privacy fence in the future.  Not sure if we will go that route or not.  I do like having a fence, I know that.  I feel safer with it.  Maybe that's weird, but I know that no one is in the yard this way, or up by the back door.  At least, I know it when I let the dog out!  She would surely tell me if there was a person in the yard - she lets me know when there's a squirrel or rabbit or bird or butterfly in the yard!  And I rarely go out the back without the dog.

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