Friday, October 23, 2015

Be Careful With Voice To Text

Depending on how straight laced you are, you may be a bit offended by this risque post.  You have been warned.

Here's a text conversation I recently had with a friend:

Me:  How's your day going?

Her:  Stressful.  How about you?

Me:  Ugh.  Not stressful but really dragging.  You been doing any sewing?

Her:  I haven't sewn a stitch since I got back from vacation.  I have been getting some in the evenings.  I just been too busy with work.

Me:  Did you mean cutting some?  lol.

Her:  Oh my God.  Knitting not getting.  Good grief.  I've about snorted my coffee to my nose.

Me:  I wondered....  hahaha

When I need a good laugh, I just read this text...  :)

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