Thursday, January 21, 2016


While on retreat, I sewed the 6-1/2" neutral blocks together in rows of 20.  The quilt was supposed to end up being 20 blocks by 20 blocks.  Well, somewhere along the line I must have measured things a little too loosely.  Once I sewed row one and two together I realized this quilt was going to be way too long and wide.

When I got home from retreat I laid out the strips on the bed and sure enough, I needed to remove at least two blocks from each strip and only sew 18 strips together.  I sat in a comfy chair the other night and detached those two blocks from the strips and listened to some Ricky Tims while I did it.  It was very relaxing.

The upside is that I now have quite a few left over six inch blocks and can make a lap quilt out of them!  This will probably end up being one of the first nursing home quilts tops of the year.

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Remnant Quilter said...

Remember it's a new variation, and not a mistake.