Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday Musings

I have three stacks of material pulled out for this weekend's retreat.  One stack is a yes, the other is a maybe, and the third is a maybe not.  I need to cut the fabric into squares before the retreat if I can.  I'm shooting for a neutral background, so I pulled fabrics that have a white or light background to them and not a dense print.  Tonight I'm going to make my final decision on what fabrics to use and maybe start cutting.

It's very cold here today and has been for a few days.  I think the temp right now is about 15 degrees F.   Brrr!

Haven't done any more on the NYE mystery since the weekend.  I may take that with me to the retreat too.  I have the middle part all laid out the way I want to sew it together.  Need to stack the blocks up so that doesn't get out of order.

Made cheeseburgers last night for supper, with home made baked fries and corn.  Was a simple and good dinner.  Tonight I'm going to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce.