Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gold Churn Dash Blocks

Here is my stack of pieces for the gold churn dash blocks.  The darker gold have their matching rail pieces cut and ready to be pressed.  I need to get those pieces ready for the lighter gold and two other colors.

So I cut strips and sewed a few of them together last night.  Didn't sew for too long because I just kind of lost momentum.  haha.

When I got home from work, I put the pump in the pool to drain more of the water, then decided to label the cords behind the television.  Now, that wasn't just a random act.  I was forever unplugging this to plug in that and not knowing what was what.  In addition to labeling cords, I also put another surge protector back there so I didn't have to unplug and plug in all the time.

Just don't ask me if I cleaned behind the t.v. while I was doing all that...

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