Monday, August 15, 2016

Rainy Monday

We have rain, rain, and more rain here.  Ev was trying to get the grass cut before it started, and the mower belt broke, so not only did the grass not get cut, he has to replace the belt!  So our day today is going to be a trip to Lowe's for a mower belt and new mower blades.  I'm hoping to get lunch out of the deal, since we will be in metropolitan area.  No guarantees...

I finished sewing all the gold half square triangles on paper and spent the time I was watching the Cubs on t.v. pulling the papers off.  They are ready to be pressed and have the dog ears trimmed.  Just kind of moseying along with this project.

Really have to get those nursing home quilts quilted.  I want them out of my head!  hahaha.  I just want them done so I don't have to think about them anymore.

This is Nick's second week on his new job.  He seems to be doing okay with it.  Was a bit of a rough time for him before he got this job, so I'm hoping things level out for him now.

Johanna and Ben are going to Colorado!  He is in some kind of contest with his work and they get to go to Colorado to participate.  They should have a great time.

Hope to get some pictures up soon on the blog.  I know it's boring without them.

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Kari Rub said...

Nice DIY blog you have!