Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yeah, Best Laid Plans...

Best laid plans of mice and men...  I didn't get to do any sewing last night because I was running errands until after 6, then worked in the yard for a while.  We need to get our swimming pool drained and dismantled.  It's time has come and gone and right now all it is is a big swamp for bugs!

Ev had to mow the ditch before I started draining it.  He had done that Sunday, so I was ready to go.  Last night I just got it drained down to the eyeball.  Tonight I'm going to put the little pump in it and try and get about half of what is left out of it.  When it is completely empty, we can start taking it apart.

The bad part is that we also have to take apart the deck that goes around a third of the pool.  That will be a project.  Ev is worried about the area under the pool and getting it back to level grass.  That doesn't worry me too much.  I just want the pool gone!

So after I got the things done in the yard, I still had to come in and make dinner.  And I was pretty gross and yucky so I had to take a shower.  Then Nick came by to borrow the truck and lawnmower.

So you can see, I didn't have much time to sit down and sew.  But there's always tonight!

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