Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sew For The Gold

A little Olympics humor there in the title....  haha.

Did a bit of sewing and pressing last night.  I had all my pieces of gold material ready for sewing into triangles.  It just needed to be pressed.  After I got that done, I cut some of the background fabric and sewed a couple sheets worth of triangles.

I may go to the dollar store today and pick up some more of that doodle paper.  It tears away so nicely on those triangles.

It was just too warm to stay upstairs for any length of time.  I was also kind of wore out, so just getting that little bit done was an accomplishment.

Made chicken alfredo for dinner.  It was very good.  I just used the precooked chicken breast strips.  Turned out just fine.

After a couple false starts, Nick is finally starting his new job today.  I sure hope it all goes well for him.  He needs to find a place to roost.

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