Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Musings

Last night I cut binding for the baby quilt I recently finished hand quilting. I attached it to the top with the machine, and now I've got it started sewing down the binding on the back. The quilt measures about 44" square. I thought that would be a good size to lay on the floor for a baby to lay on. It's bright colors with some pinks in it. I told my husband when it was done it was going to be put away for our first grandchild. He said yes, if it's a girl! So I'm taking the hint and I'm going to put together a top in 'boy' colors. No rush (hopefully), since neither of our kids are even remotely thinking of having babies!

I have been lurking on the Nolting chat site, gleening bits and pieces of information from Nolting longarm machine owners. I would dearly love to be ablt to afford a longarm machine right now. I am forming a plan of action so that within six years I can purchase one and do some home quilting. I would like to be able to have my own business and quilt for others on it after I get good.

I even bought Linda Taylor's guide to longarm quilting. I have read the book a couple times now and keep paging through it. Pretty soon it will be so worn out and drooled over I won't be able to read it! ha ha.

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