Monday, June 23, 2014

More scrappy goodness

Sunday afternoon I got a call from my friend, Donna.  Her aunt had passed away some time ago and she and her sister were cleaning out their aunt's sewing room.  Donna offered me some scraps and other goodies. 

She ended up giving me a huge garbage bag full of scraps, plus several rulers, a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and notions (including bobbins that fit my machine!).  I haven't even started to go through the bag of scraps, but am really looking forward to diving into them. 

It was a good weekend for me and the stash.

As we were going through the scraps, there was a box they thought was just more material, but it turned out to be several finished quilt tops!  I'm glad they saw what they were before they gave them to me or the thrift store!  Donna and her sister were so happy to get those tops.  They will have nice reminders of their aunt once they have finished quilts.


Dora, the Quilter said...

Oooooo! I'd love to see some of that scrappy goodness.

Do you suppose they'll hire you to quilt those tops they almost got rid of?

bunbear said...

they were asking me what my prices were to quilt a top, so maybe... i felt kind of bad, not offering to do them for free because they were giving me the scraps, but then thought that i hadn't asked for the scraps. just me being me... oh, and now that i have dug into the scraps, i realize there was a smoker in the house and i have to wash everything... sigh. the big pieces won't be a challenge, but i'm not sure what i will do with the smaller pieces. oh well, they were free.

Lynley said...

if you got something good out of it then that's a win! it's always interesting seeing what other people collec over the years :)