Monday, November 9, 2015

Back It Up

Last night I put together a backing for a top I have had done for quite a while.  The top is a log cabin I started many years ago when we were camping for a week, and finished a while back with some borders.  It's a good sized top and will be nice when it's done.

I used some material I had bought the remainder of the bolt from Miller's out in Arthur on a visit earlier in the year.  The top has different pinks and neutrals in it and the backing fabric is white with tiny red dots.  Had to get creative to make it big enough out of the yardage I had, but it is going to work.

I would like to get it loaded onto Gemma either tonight or tomorrow.  Wednesday I don't have to work, so it would be a good day to get started on the quilting.  Of course, Ev asked me to help him rake leaves Wednesday before he goes to work.  We'll see if he still wants to do that, and if so, I will just have to quilt when he leaves for work!

Planning to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce tonight.  Also thinking I need to make a pot of stew pretty soon.  Getting to be that kind of weather.

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